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Cannabis, mental and sexual health

Cannabis is the most popular illegal recreational drug in Norway. Some users benefit from using cannabis to cope with mental health issues, other benefit from using cannabis recreationally, sometimes for sex or to explore their sexuality.
In this Normalprat we ask why do some benefit from self-medicating on cannabis? What are the do`s and don’t`s when mixing cannabis and sex? We share harm-prevention advice users of cannabis will benefit from.

Language: English.

• André Nilsen, leader of Normal Norge, an organization promoting the rights of cannabis users. Nilsen has written articles on cannabis and self-medication and cannabis and sex, for Chemfriendly Norge.

• Andrés Lekanger, is COB of Chemfriendly Norge and will moderate the discussion

• Sondre Gevelt will shortly present Helseutvalgets Sjekkpunkt and Arena projects for queer drug users.

This Normalprat is organized by Normal Norge, Chemfriendly Norge, Skeiv Verden and Helseutvalget.




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