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Tag: kreativitet

  • Lær at tegne cannabisblad

    Hvordan tegner man et cannabisblad? Svaret er der forhåbentligt rigtig mange skæve bud på, men hvis du eller en ven ikke ligefrem kan tegne noget der ligner, er der her en fin vejledning som kilde. How to draw a pot leaf Kilde: https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-draw-a-pot-leaf–cms-35947

  • Cannabis – a botanical guide

    ProblemThe debate about cannabis legalization has created an almost propaganda-like movement where it seems like all information is given by either the heavy stoners or the strongly opposed.IdeaTo create something trustworthy and informative with a neutral voice for the people that know too little about cannabis to be comfortable to take a stand in the debate about legalization. To […]

Afkriminaliser Cannabis